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COVID-19 Procedures and Policies

COVID-19 Conditioning and Workout Guidelines

Clarke Central Athletics

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures
July, 2020

  • All Coaches and Athletes will be Screened Daily

    • Coaches and Athletes must Check-In daily at the Crawford Gym Lobby

    • Temperature checks will be administered daily to all coaches and athletes by athletic trainer and recorded

    • Each athlete must complete the Covid 19 Questionnaire daily.  Responses will be completed and recorded

    • Coaches and athletes who are flagged at screening due to temperature/questionnaire will be instructed by the athletic trainer to leave campus and provided guidelines in order to return

      • Parents should NOT leave the campus until their child/children pass through the mandatory screening.

      • If an athlete has a condition (ie: asthma, allergies, etc.) that causes a cough, shortness of breath, or runny nose, they should have a letter from a physician with their diagnosis on file with the athletic trainer. 

    • If a coach or athlete tests positive for COVID-19 or has a known exposure, we will defer to the Department of Public Health for contact tracing and quarantine/self-isolation recommendations.

  • Groups of not more than 50 per sport will be permitted in a facility at any given time.  The 50 count includes both athletes and coaches

    • A Master Schedule will provide specific times for Check-in, Conditioning and Workouts, and Campus Exit for each group

    • Athletes and coaches must stay in their assigned Group.

    • Sports Specific equipment may be used but will be sanitized appropriately between groups.

  • Points of Emphasis

    • Social distancing (6 ft separation between individuals) will be employed for all conditioning and workout sessions when possible.

    • Each facility (i.e., weightroom, gym, etc.) used will have a 15 minute disinfecting period before the next group uses the facility 

    • Groups will follow flowchart to prevent on campus interaction with another group   and exit campus upon the completion of their conditioning and workout sessions

    • Masks will be encouraged (especially for indoor activities) but not required

    • Gloves will not be permitted

    • Hand Sanitizer will be Readily Available 

    • Weight equipment will be cleaned and sanitized between use by each athlete

      • Individual lifting stations are recommended

      • Only side spotting is permitted

    • Locker rooms will be off-limits;.

    • Water bottles may be refilled on site.

    • Athletes MUST bring their own water bottle - gallon jugs are advised

    • No visitors are allowed to attend conditioning or workout sessions.

  • For more information contact:

    • Athletic Director: Dr. Jon Ward,, (706) 207-0876

    • Athletic Trainer: Allie Palmer,, (706) 621-9450