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Recapping the 2020 Tennis Season

By Grady Sports, 04/24/20, 2:45PM EDT




The Clarke Central boys and girls tennis teams faced a season of rain delays and cancelations that was ultimately cut short. Even with the limited playing opportunities, both teams managed to show significant improvement and a positive attitude during a frustrating time.

The boys' team opened their season with a hard-fought win over Morgan County and followed it up with two dominant performances over Lake Oconee Academy and Loganville. The team suffered a tough loss against Buford in their only road matchup of the season but bounced back the next day to defeat Southwest Dekalb 5-0.

The girls' team did not have the same level of success early in their season, dropping both of their first two matches. They earned their first win of the season against Loganville with a 4-1 victory. The team also fell to Buford on the road but finished their season with a 5-0 rout of Southwest Dekalb.

Thoughts from Coach Slane:

I'd like to thank my incredible coaching staff, the players, and parents for a great start to our season. The boys finished an impressive 4-1 and were looking to make a strong run. The girls were 2-3 but had gained a great deal of momentum and confidence. I would have had a legitimate reason to be disappointed in either team had we come out of the region tournament any lower than a 2 seed. 

 We did not get to recognize our seniors in season, and this may be the only chance we get to this year. Congratulations to them! We only had five, but they will be tough to replace. I want to make a note of each of them individually:


Max Bardner - This was Max's only year on the team, and I wish we had him for more time. He is a great athlete and was a wonderful presence. He and Alex were poised to do some impressive things as doubles partners.


Braden Delamater - Braden was a four-year starter for us. I think that sums up how important he has been to the program. He was our de facto captain and is a true competitor. I'm always impressed with how he can critique himself without becoming critical. His spirit will be difficult to replace. 


Camille Flurry - Camille was not able to play tennis last year due to her other athletic commitments. I fully supported her decision, but I was thrilled when she came back for her senior year. We all know her about her athletic ability, so I want to highlight how important she is as a teammate. She knows how to inspire others, is a vocal leader, and sets positive examples for us.  


Alex Robinson - Alex somehow fits tennis in his schedule with all of his other extracurriculars. This is starting to get repetitive for the list of seniors, but he truly is an excellent athlete. I felt like this year his skills had caught up with his strength and natural ability, and I was looking forward to seeing that play out. I honestly had considered both Alex and Max for singles positions, but there was no way I could separate them after I saw them play their first match together. 


Will Herrin - Will joined the team last season and has been a consistent starter since he arrived. He has worked very hard to become even more consistent, and you can see it in his play. He constantly frustrates opponents because he, seemingly casually, returns almost everything. 

Season Results:

2020 Clarke Central Tennis Schedule

Friday, Feb. 7 hosting Morgan County (Boys win 3-2, Girls lose 0-5)

Wednesday, Feb. 12 hosting Lake Oconee Academy (Boys win 4-1, Girls lose 2-3)

Wednesday, Feb. 26 hosting Loganville* (Boys win 5-0, Girls win 4-1)

Thursday, Feb. 27 at Buford* (Boys lose 0-5, Girls lose 0-5)

Friday, Feb. 28 hosting Southwest Dekalb (Boys win 5-0, Girls 5-0)